Come and join me on this journey to self-exploration and celebrate my first solo exhibit. On display will be the raw, organic paintings from the series, “UNDER MY SKIN”. This series of work symbolize the push and pull aspect of life and relationships through the colliding of colours.

My work is inspired by personal life experiences of joy and adversity. Each painting is one of a kind, as each feeling and emotion is unique to every experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see what really gets “UNDER MY SKIN !” All I can say is…. You’re in for a ride!!

Street parking available, steps from the gallery.

The exhibit will run from:
JUNE 4th to 27th
The Urban Gallery,
400 Queen Street East,
Toronto, ON, M5A 1T3
Tel: 647-460-1278

Please contact the gallery for further info or email me at


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